Fast Facts

Here are a few Fast Facts about Female Bullying:


  • Surveys show that as many as one-half of all children are bullied at some time during their school years, and at least 10% are bullied on a regular basis.
  • Many female bullies are popular, pretty, seemingly perfect students who are often admired by teachers and others.
  • Bully girls target friends as well as outsiders and tend to target girls they envy in some way, or are different than them.
  • Bullying is intentional, repeated, and meant to humiliate and cause harm.
  • A girl is a bully if she spreads rumors or gossip; excludes others from her “group” of friends; repeatedly teases or makes fun of someone;cyberbullies; or gives intimidating looks or threats.
  • Bully girls become “cyberbullies” when they use interactive technologies such as 3-way calling, the internet, cell phones or text messaging to target a victim.
  • Girls are often unaware that their behaviors are bullying.
  • Girls who bully have often been the victims of other bullies.
  • Victims of girl bullies become less able to control their emotions and many times become socially withdrawn.
  • Effects of bullying may stay with girls forever and shape their future relationships with others.
  • Having friends, especially ones who help protect against bullying, reduces the chance of victimization. Girl bullies are less likely to target someone who has others willing to help.